Garden show is over (Buy our display cottage!!)

We just wrapped up the Northwest Flower and Garden Show.  Thank you Michael of Cascade Edible Landscapes for bringing us onboard.  (The little blue cottage and chicken coop are now both for sale!)

IMG_5170 IMG_5167 IMG_5076

13 thoughts on “Garden show is over (Buy our display cottage!!)

  1. I’m interested and I have a spot for it! Would you please give me some more details? dimensions? insulation? wiring? other features? Thanks.

    • Ok it is 7′ wide (door side) and 8′ long. 10′ tall at peak. Roof overhang 1′ all the way around. It is just open stud bays on the inside, except the ceiling finished in bead board. We can do the rigid insulation and interior wall covering (drywall? pine?) we are not licensed for electrical work, but of course you can just run an extension cord in or hire someone. It is now on display at KIS farm at 12526 Avondale Rd NE, Redmond, WA 98052. We are making another one next week so we could just make a new one for you too! Berg

    • I have one built and ready to go – they are $1,295 just exactly like the garden show one. Local delivery is available or freight to destinations beyond W. Washington. Contact me with the contact form please! Thanks, Berg


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