Our Seattle Store


Baxter Barn / Portage Bay Blend Grower 50lbs $25.95
Baxter Barn / Portage Bay Blend Chick Starter 25lbs $14.95
Baxter Barn / Portage Bay Blend Layer Crumble 50lbs $24.95
Baxter Barn / Portage Bay Blend Layer Pellet 50lbs $24.95
Modesto Milling Organic Layer Crumble 50lbs $39.95
Scratch and Peck Layer 40lb $32.95
Conway Layer Pellet Soy Free Organic $35.95
CHS Rabbit Organic 25lbs $17.95
Oxbow Adult Rabbit 10lbs $17.95
Chopped Straw Bags $12.95
White Shavings, Compressed Bale $12.95

DSC_0848IMG_3279  IMG_6221 IMG_3287IMG_5179IMG_5956

Saltbox Designs has a retail store and display gallery located in Seattle’s Phinney Ridge Neighborhood.  We are open by appointment.  

What we offer at the store:

  • Chicken Coops and bunny hutches

We stock all of our coops with the exception of our two biggest ones, the Portage Bay and the Econocoop.  Next day delivery is usually available.

  • Other Saltbox Designs products

We try and keep most of our creations in stock such as the Saltbox Wheelbarrow, Warre’ Beehives, Beekeepers Toolbox, Raspberry Scaffolding, Obelisks, Kids chairs, and Mini Farmstands, as well as whatever else we may be working on.

  • Merchandise

We stock a few hand-selected items, such as Lead-Free Hoses and chicken founts and feeders

  • Lumber

All the custom cedar lumber we have milled for us is also for sale.  This includes 2×3’s, 3×3 posts, 1×8’s, 2×12’s and fence boards.  You can also special any dimension in Cedar or Doug Fir.

  • Raised Beds

We stock cedar full thickness rough-cut 2×12’s which are perfect for raised beds.  We can fabricate to your exact dimension and dilever next day in most cases – or buy the whole piece for DIY!

  • Feed

We stock feed and other sundries provided by Portage Bay Grange, including feeds by Baxter Barn / Portage Bay, Modesto Milling, CHS and Conway.

  • Hardware and Merchandise

All of the materials we use to manufacture chicken coops is also for sale, including heavy duty wire mesh, hinges and latches, metal roofing.

You can email us from the contact form or call or text Berg with question at (206) 909-2427  THANKS!

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