Farmhouse Coop

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$1,495 / email for freight quote

This coop is a take on our original Saltbox Coop – but has a 5’x5′ footprint instead of the Saltbox’s 3’x5′. Total floor space for the hens (or bunnies/cats/other small animals?) is 50 square feet due to the 2-storey design, allowing up to 5 hens as-is, or up to 12 with an added on run of sufficient size, or if you birds free-range every day.

Eggs are easily accessible from the narrow drop down door below the shed roof.  There is interior roost area for up to 8 hens, (let us know if you need more than that).  Hens access the lower run area via a drop down ladder, that can be left if you want to incubate your chicks in the upper coop portion (just run an extension cord up through the crack below the door for a heat lamp).

5’x5′ footprint, 7′ tall at peak.

Run door below can be faced in any direction

Email me your address for a freight quote (usually around $300)

Local delivery $60

Made of western red cedar for superior weather resistance and beauty.  

We can also add additional run to this design (or construct yourself)  Here is an example of an additional 5’x6′ run space being added onto the opposite side of the shed roof (the preferred side)