Chicken Runs

A run is an enclosed yard for your chickens to move around in during the day. If you allow your hens to ‘free range’, you might not want a run at all.  I make my runs secure from predators eliminating the daily chore of letting them out of the coop in the morning and and locking them back in each night.

A run can be as simple as enclosing the area underneath your raised coop with mesh, or much larger and more elaborate. Recommended space per hen is 10 square feet.  More often than not I design and quote a run with you on-site when I bring your coop, then come back a few days later to build the run.  Please contact us to discuss your custom run, but here are some prices that I work with:

Cedar Runs with heavy duty 1/2″x1″ 16 gauge mesh (price is per linear foot of circumference)

  • $18 per linear foot of 3-foot tall structure
  • $20 per linear foot of 4-foot tall structure
  • $22 per linear foot of 5-foot tall structure
  • $24 per linear foot of 6-foot tall structure
  • $2/SF for mesh ceiling, $3.20/SF for metal roof

Run access door

  • $48 32″x3-foot tall door
  • $58 32″x4-foot tall door
  • $68 32″x5-foot tall door
  • $78 32″x6-foot tall door

Anti-Tunneling Solutions

  • $2.00 per linear foot of anti-tunneling skirt (12″ mesh skirt attached to outside base of coop)
  • $40/hr to dig-in skirt (or we can provide the material and you can do it yourself)
  • $2 per square foot of fully meshed floor, installed

Other Options

  • $3.20 Square Foot – Special order color metal or Paltruf clear acrylic roof over run.
  • $250  Poultry Butler automatic chicken door, installed
  • $100  Garden Roof Raised Bed, up to 10sf
  • $50  Additional corner beyond 2

4′ tall run off Island Coop with fully meshed floor and metal roof on 2/3 of roof

3′ tall run with garden roof ready to plant

Just the area underneath this coop is enclosed and there are two wheels so you can move it around your yard (tractor conversion)

A large walk-in run

Fully meshed floor before layering with gravel, then dirt, then litter

Mesh anti-tunnling “skirt” before back-filling with dirt


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